Access Paperless TALX to get a copy of W-2.

Paperless Payroll

Tax employee portal is an online website where one can check his pay roll data and deal with the record. Securitas Epay is a piece of Paperless Pay login for Talx. Talx helps administrations to business HR division, duty departments and payroll. Paperless pay is a useful site which gives all the details about the payroll and account. This is an easy process and any employee can easily access the account easily by giving the login details. But before login you must be mindful that it is risk based authentication. Go through the given set of instructions to access the W-2 feature of the Paperless Talx @

What is the procedure to access the W-2 service of Paperless TALX?

In order to access the W-2 service of the Paperless TALX you need to fulfill the given criteria:

  • You need to have an operating system.
  • You must have the internet connection.
  • You should have the login credentials.
  • Make sure that your computer have Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • You require an installed Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader and enabled Java Script.

 Paperless Payroll

After fulfilling the given criteria you are supposed to follow the give instructions:

  • First of all you have to turn on your system and open the web browser. Add the given URL in the search bar of the web browser and press the “Enter” key from your key board.
  • In next step as you get an access to the home page of the website then you need to click on the option of “Click here to Login”.
  • By clicking on above link will be taken to a new page where you have to give your employer code in the first box.
  • Then give your password in the next box and hit the option of “Login” to access your account.
  • As you get an access to account you have to select the W-2 service from the main menu bar to get the copy of your W-2.
  • By accessing the W-2 feature you can obtain the copy of your W-2 and the given services:
  1. Request a correction of your W-2
  2. Withdraw the consent to get the W-2 electronically
  3. Upload W-2 for leading the Tax preparation service.
  4. Enroll for the electronic delivery of W-2.
  • In this way you can get all of the above services of W-2 after availing the W-2 feature.

When I logged in, I came to know that there is already some of my personal information. Why is so?
Your employer gives us some of the personal information so that we can verify properly when you log in your account. Or it might be possible that you may have provided us the details previously in another procedure.

A personal site picture used to be required. Is that now no longer needed?
Now you no longer have to confirm or remember a site image. The site picture method of authentication has been removed as some other authentication processes are in use.

Will the provided information be kept confidential?

It is to be announced that the provided details will be kept confidential but this process is risk based authentication. So login carefully as it use your employee number.

What should I do if I don’t have the employee number?

If you are not having the employee number then you are supposed to contact your employer and ask him about your employee number.