Accelerate your business with effective cloud CRM software


Cloud CRM solutions are ideal for B2B businesses. They give all tools for automated business processes and accompany every stage of customer interactions.

Benefits of cloud-based software

  • no installation or training;
  • quick implementation;
  • mobile access;
  • no need to deploy servers;
  • easy management;
  • little IT-support requirements;
  • low cost;
  • greater security.

Cloud CRM applications are plug-and-play decisions with feature-rich platforms for multitask functions. Having started to use one of them, you’ll never have to worry about costly hardware or sophisticated updates.

Best cloud- based CRM software

BPM’online is a complete business process management suite which is extremely flexible and multifunctional. BPM’online is a leading vendor of cloud software that unites marketing, sales and service automation into the one effectively working system. It’s focused on internal collaboration and is able to predict what you might need to do next based on the previous actions.

 Profitable features:

  • easily customizable into a brand-specific product;
  • switching between marketing, sales and service from a single dashboard;
  • smart notifications, which inform about meetings, tasks and activities;
  • extensive knowledge base with training materials for novice users.

 TeamSupport is an innovative B2B customer chat solution that is fully managed online. This cloud based CRM software uses a combination of collaboration features and real-time data to find out problems and ways to solve them. It helps to deliver support to customers even before they realize that they need it.

Profitable features:

  • possibilities to see all customer interactions, not just individual tickets;
  • great visibility lets every member of your team to follow up all the processes, so you can solve more complicated issues;
  • video feature makes it possible to send detailed instructions, or your customers can make screen recordings for you;
  • advanced customer service portals, live chat, screen recordings and much more.

Freshdesk cloud CRM software provides customer support for businesses of all sizes, but it better suits for small and medium-sized companies. This solution is easy in use, has full feature set and affordable pricing. It even gives smart suggestions for IT solutions and allows managing escalation procedures, workflows and multiple groups.

Profitable features:

  • tickets are simple to generate and manage and can be assigned to individual agents or the whole team;
  • unlimited email ticketing, call center, and rich text editor;
  • automated replies to commonly asked customer questions;
  • setting requirements and priorities for resolution time to prioritize issues.

 Zoho is one of the best cloud CRM software designed for small and medium companies, startups and home businesses. Due to multichannel support, the software allows to reach your customers everywhere: from social media to personal contacts. It helps in coordinating marketing efforts and provides integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities in one application.

Profitable features:

  • tracking leads and business prospects for quick deals closing;
  • planning marketing activities for better quality of leads generation process;
  • generation of custom reports to forecast trends;
  • measuring the performance and effectiveness of campaigns.

ProsperWorks is an application suitable for any business industry as it gives a complete view of the customers. All files sent via email are automatically stored in the contact’s portfolio. You can always have up-to-the-minute data on the workflow and your team’s activities. The application automates tedious data entry and streamlines all types of business interactions.

Profitable features:

  • email integration, opportunity management and lead tracking;
  • suggesting possible future contacts based on previous communications;
  • easy creation of your own pipeline steps;
  • time-saving features, such as automatic customer data saving.

SalesNOW CRM software allows managing your relationships with customers, team and partners in one system. The solution helps shorten sales cycles with its fully customizable lead tracking system. With the application, you can see all the information about your customers on a map (where they are at the moment).

Profitable features:

  • easy-to-use customer relationship modules;
  • centralization of database and contact information with the help of adding custom fields and filters, syncing your information with mobile;
  • tracking all the details of client interactions in one centralized system;
  • easy customization of reports, tabs, data fields for visual and graphical representations of funnels, sales forecasts and activity reports.

SageCRM works to organize your business customer data and take full control of the sales cycle. It offers great scalability and accessibility. This application gives great opportunities to the companies with limited IT resources. It doesn’t require installation but gives wide functionality for sales, marketing and customer service.

Profitable features:

  • automation of sale process allowing to move quickly from lead to close;
  • leveraging of every sales opportunity with an end-to-end view;
  • creating, tracking and managing dynamic marketing campaigns which provide high level of effectiveness.

Any of the listed software solutions effectively helps resolve customer issues. You can have a free trial of any software without subscription and find the ideal one for your business.

Guarantied results of using good cloud CRM software:

  • revenue growth;
  • increase in customer satisfaction;
  • higher level of working productivity;
  • obvious efficiency increase.