7 Quirky Ways to Save on Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re all excited—after all, what other occasion allows you to dress up in a costume and run around town, gorging on sweets and delights. Hallows’ Eve is the perfect opportunity for all those who like things spooky and dark.

But Halloween is also that time where you don’t only have to prepare food, but get loads of candies and costumes and gifts. It all adds up to a lot of money if you don’t keep track of your spending. Shopping for Halloween is exciting, but you need to make sure that it’s cost effective too.


Pool your resources

You don’t have to buy everything on Halloween — you could also pool resources with your friends and family. And then, there could be at least something in your closet that could be used for someone’s costume. Do you have an old frilly blouse; why not use it to dress up as some sinister maid, like that in the movie Insidious? What about a feather boa that you picked up from your friend? Your friends could also have some pieces that you can pull off as a costume, like some old hat or shoes.

Get thrifty with secondhand shops

There are myriad of secondhand shops like Value Village, Goodwill, etc. that are absolute treasure troves when it comes to Halloween shopping. But there is a key.

Because everything that’s related to Halloween is overpriced around October, if you want to save not have to research Nevada title loans, start early and stay away from last-minute costume ideas. Not only do prices spike, but you could also experience the mad rush. You can get evening dresses, wedding gowns or suits for around $10 a piece and accessories for as little as a quarter. Your best bet would be to go out for shopping once you have made up your mind on how to dress up for Halloween.


Hit the thrift store once again to pick up some cheap decorations as well. Trendier places could have Halloween decorations like window decals, spider webbing, etc.—all that just at a fraction of what other stores charge. You can also find some strange treasure that may require a little tweaking.

Here are some decoration tips

If you have got some old dolls, you can give them an aged look by painting effects onto them. Dolls look excessively terrifying nowadays especially after “Annabel” hit the theaters. You can also create flying skeletons using cherubs and porcelain angels by painting them black and then using a white accent.

Print your own

Don’t buy Halloween invitation cards, gift tags, headstones or spooky bottle labels from outside—instead get them printed and they can be applied quickly using some mod podge or glue. If you want some design templates for the invitation cards or gift tags, you could do a quick Google search for “free Halloween printables”. When you have the prints, you can customize those using paints, colors, and markers.

Where to get the candy

Getting your stock of candy and sugary treats could be the biggest budget-breaker as you need a wide variety to keep everyone happy. If you are going to go with prepackaged bags that hit the shelves around Christmas, Valentine’s and Halloween, you will be spending an insane amount money on a tiny quantity.

Instead, do the following:

Shop from a bulk store

Seriously, bulk stores are the places to shop for Halloween candy. But before you go there and avoid overspending and needing to know any direct lenders of payday loans due to all the candy frenzy, keep yourself on a tight budget and only carry cash, and that too needs to be according to your spending budget. There is no other way to avoid the temptation than keeping your debit and credit cards home.

There is another reason not to go with prepackaged candy bags. The possibility of tainting is there with prepackaged goodies. Therefore, wrap all the toffee bites, lollipops, gum, candy bars, and miniature chocolates by yourself—they will be cheaper and better.

If you have a party at your home, going for unwrapped bulk goods can save you tons. With just a little cash, you can go crazy with all the eyeball gobstoppers and candy corn. Speaking of parties…


Bring Your Own Candy (BYOC)

If you are throwing a party of your close friends, you could always ask them to include some candies for the buffet. To make it subtle, you could add the details to the invitations that “every witch, ghost, zombie, goblin, etc. needs to bring some offering for altar”. This would work quite conveniently, especially if your friends are understanding and caring.

Bring Your Own Food (BYOF)

I wouldn’t suggest you try both at the same time because you could end up with too little guests for the party. Either go with BYOC or BYOF to avoid transferring the whole burden of the party on your guests.

Alternatively, you could pick foods that won’t cost you a lot. Like “spider web eggs” will only cost you around a dozen eggs and some black food coloring. Or you could also have spicy snack mix with some dry cereals and salted nuts.


You could always save on the drinks by keeping a fixed 3:1 ratio for your non-alcoholic to alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic drinks are a lot cheaper than boozy versions. Maintain the supply of alcohol for those who want it; alternatively, you could prepare some great non-alcoholic drinks like Butterbeer (Harry Potter-inspired) cream soda, natural juices or mulled apple cider.

If you can successfully save on those mentioned above, you could also go with some quality alcohol supplies and make some great drinks; after all, who doesn’t love lots of booze?


Don’t get depressed by all the spending hacks like BYOF or BYOC; you don’t have to try them if you aren’t comfortable with asking your friends about it. You would still have the choice of less alcohol and bulk buying.

Have a spooky Halloween!