6 Exciting New Commercial Interior Design Trends


Coming up with an interior design for a commercial property can be pretty tricky! The space has to be useful and look great, all while remaining cost-effective and under budget. There’s also an added pressure to present a unique look with plenty of “wow” factor. None of this is exactly easy.

Making matters worse, the expectations seem to grow to greater heights all the time. Aesthetics and functionality matter more than they ever have. Customers expect the best experience when they walk into a business, making the owners clamour for more and more from a design standpoint.

If you’re a business owner trying to stay a step ahead of the game, you can make your life easier by sticking to these modern design trends below or visit Wadham and Isherwood for great modern offices to suit every business.

1 – Deep Tones

The most popular trend when it comes to colour palettes is definitely in deep, cool tones that are evocative of nature and relaxation. An array of greens and cool grey or charcoal will serve you well in every respect. You should then use the likes of stone, ivory, and taupe to add just a splash of natural contrast. If you want to throw in one more bit of visual flair beyond that, the likes of bright lime or paprika red will do the trick.

2 – Large Scale Geometric Patterns

Designs with a relatively small-scale have been the norm for quite a while, and that’s slowly becoming old-hat. It’s now best to go with the complete opposite, using large-scale geometric shapes and patterns. There’s no greater way to introduce a bold atmosphere into your design, and you can be sure that all of your walls and flooring will definitely be making a statement.

3 – Function First, Form Second

In many cases, businesses and their designers are at the mercy of a tight budget. This often means uncomfortable designer furniture with low price tags. If you want to make sure that a business gives its customers a great experience, the functionality of each piece of furniture must be the first consideration.

Wherever possible, be sure to work in the likes of headrests and adjustable armrests. For employees, adjustable height desks are also the order of the day. Just remember that skimping on quality to save a buck now will only hurt you later on.

4 – Get Quirky!

Another growing trend in the interior design world is to embrace quirkiness. The old standards and tried and true formulas just won’t cut it in many regards. If you want a business to stand out from the crowd, it’s best to inject a bit of personality for a unique feeling that customers will instantly resonate with. This can be achieved with the likes of eclectic non-matching tiles and a combination of different visual styles.

5 – Multipurpose Design

If you really want to make sure you come in under your budget, you need to look for ways to make several elements of the room serve two functions. This might mean storage cabinets that have slide-out seating options to make large business meetings a bit more comfortable or even flip-out table surfaces on the lounge chairs. With a little ingenuity, you can come up with a number of ideas to save money and also cut down on the amount of space you might need in the office areas.

6 – Eco-Friendly Design

Finally, it’s best to embrace the growing trend of eco-friendly design. As more companies ignore the necessity of this, more will get left in the dust. It’s incredibly cost-effective over time, and you’ll find your office needing to use less energy overall in many respects. You’ll also win favour with many forward-thinking customers that tend to only give their business to environmentally friendly businesses.