5 Ways to Lower Your Business Costs in 2019


You might be struggling with sales. You might be doing all right financially, but the competition is clearing more profit than you are, and you’re determined to match them. Whatever your reasons for wanting to lower some of your everyday business costs, here are five tips for getting it done in the new year.

1. Go Paperless

Your paper products are putting a stranglehold on your budget. Not only are you paying for them directly, but you’re also paying for their storage, organization and disposal. You can eliminate a lot of expense if you’re willing to take your memos into the digital realm. Instead of typing, printing, copying, distributing, storing and recycling them, you can simply shoot them to your employees through email.

2. Consider Equipment Rental

This can be especially helpful if you only need a copier or fax machine during your busiest seasons. Instead of letting it collect dust for nine months of the year after dropping a lot of hard-earned cash on it, you can take that money and rent it for awhile instead. You’ll get to use it to your satisfaction, but it won’t cut a huge hole into your wallet.

3. Become More Eco-Friendly

If you aren’t using eco-friendly practices at work, now is the time to start. It has nothing to do with saving the environment and everything to do with saving your budget. If you can consume less energy and waste less water, you’ll see the differences reflected on your monthly bills. You might even want to think about things like solar power to make a truly long-term change.

4. Call in the Experts

If your finances are becoming too much for you to handle, there’s no shame in calling in an expert. Brands like Consero Global can help you with outsourced accounting if you need a new perspective when dealing with your sales, incomes and taxes. They can also answer any questions that you might have and offer valuable advice about what to do next.

5. Try New Things

Lots of business put “save money” on their resolution list, but few are actually willing to implements changes that could make it happen. Don’t follow in their footsteps! Whether it’s reducing overhead, renting equipment or going completely digital with your internal communication, you need to be okay with thinking outside of the box when it comes to saving money.

These are just a few tips for saving a little cash with your company. A new year means a new chance to grow, so use the turn of the season to build better habits and become a brand with a thick bottom line!