5 Ways to Keep College Costs Low


It’s impossible to make it in the current job market without a thorough and completed college education. It is also seemingly impossible to get through your college education without racking up an unholy amount of debt. Even if you get an awesome job with a good salary right out of college, you will still find yourself doing financial backflips in order to pay off your student loans on top of your rent and other living expenses.

You may be tempted to skip college altogether, fearing the wrath of student debt. But that isn’t the way it has to be. Here are 5 ways to get that college education without altering the course of your life eternally via student debt.

  1. AttendCollege Online

The college experience is overrated. The only people who actually speak highly of their time in college are old people who graduated college twenty years ago and now live a boring and ultimately unfulfilling life. It’s littered with transcendent experiences, sure. But when it comes down to it, it’s a stressful, expensive, and counterproductive learning environment, where you end up worrying about a million and one things before your education.

Attending college online is cheaper, easier, and you don’t have to worry about all of the extracurricular stresses traditional college has to offer. Plus, it will give you time to still earn money, cutting into any eventual debt.

  1. Live with Your Parents

This option will limit your choices of college to one within commuting distance of your hometown, but you will save so much money on rent, food, and general living expenses that it will be worth it. If this is at all an option in your life and the idea of staying in your hometown isn’t too mortifying, this is the way to go.

  1. Apply for Every Scholarship

There are thousands upon thousands of scholarships available to college students every year, and not just ones for excellent athletes or people with special talents. There are scholarships for tall people, short people, people with blue eyes, people with brown eyes; some crazy internet personality even started a scholarship specifically for white men. Apply for all the scholarships you qualify for.

  1. Earn Credits at a Junior College

Taking general education classes at a major university is a waste of time and money. Why spend 10 times the money on an English class that is only 20% better than the one you could take at a junior or community college? Get all of your boring prerequisites out of the way at the cheapest educational institution possible, that way you can spend your time at university taking the classes that speak to your passions and planned career.

  1. Plan Your Costs Beforehand

Plan out all of the expenses of your college education in order to adequately prepare for the financial burdens to come. Don’t commit to anything you won’t ultimately be able to pay for and end up having to shift your financial strategy on the fly. Utilize tools like the Wake Forest University net price calculator to estimate expenses.