5 Ways to Generate Additional Streams of Income


Making ends meet at the regular 9 to 5 grind may be tough, but there are ways to pull in some side cash that can really take the edge off. With low overhead costs due to the fact that many of these suggestions can be done from home, side jobs are a great way to come up with some extra income and set it aside for retirement. You can raise money through sites like Craigslist or eBay, or visit a pawn shop like montedepiedad.com to get started.

Here are ways to generate another stream of revenue to supplement what you already earn.

  1. Instead of jumping into the crazy world of real estate investment, why not take a smaller-scale approach to this concept and rent a room or your cottage to a traveler through airbnb.com? Not only do you get extra income, your fellow traveler gets an affordable, homey place to stay that’s oozing with local charm.

2.To fund your dream project, head to Kickstarterto pitch your ideas to strangers, friends and family. If they like it, they give you some money. Simple as that. It’s a great site for the creative types out there, from artists and musicians to filmmakers and designers. Getting that project off the ground that you’ve always wanted to try can now become a reality with sites like Kickstarter.

  1. If you have a skill set that allows you to work from home online, you’re in a better position than most. Try Upwork where you can find freelance writing, editing, programming and web design jobs. Joining this online network of professionals puts you in touch with clients looking for your specific services – all on one platform.

4.If you have spare time at night or on the weekends, become an Uber driver and set up your own hours. Uber is cheaper than a taxi, and in many ways it’s safer and more convenient too. When someone needs a driver, they can sign on, see who’s around to help, view your photo and profile, and select your services. The best part about it is you use your own car and you get paid via the Uber app so no cash is involved. Try Lyft for a similar experience.

  1. Try your hand at investing in mutual funds or stocks. You can adjust your portfolio depending on your comfort level, as there are many different financial investments that can give you added income. By letting your money work for you, you’re taking a back seat to earning for retirement. Always keep the info of a stock fraud attorney handy, especially if you have a stockbroker.

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