5 Ways to Earn Money as a College Student

college student

As a college student, there are a lot of ways to earn some extra bucks. What you have to realize is that lectures, homework and studying will take up most of your time and it should be your priority, so you want to find a job that won’t take away from your duties as a student. Also, you don’t want to find a job that will force you to stay up all night either. If you are stuck in a graveyard shift all night and then have to go to school the next morning, you won’t feel that well and it will certainly affect your performance and grades.

Of course, you also don’t want to find a position that will make you drive out of your way. This could put strain on your car and your body. Ideally, you want to find a satellite position that you can complete online. With a consistent job in this arena, you could be making a decent amount of side capital. Here are five ways to earn money as a college student.

college student

  1. Find a Part Time Satellite Position

Of course, one of the most ideal jobs is one that can be completed online and remotely. With this type of job, you could complete your work during a certain part of the day and not have to worry about driving to or from a place of work. This is best when you have a lot of schoolwork to complete.

  1. Apply for a Paid Internship

Another great way to make money is to find a paid internship. Of course, many of these internships won’t pay well, but they will pay some and will help fill in your resume. After all, a paycheck is a paycheck. If you are going to law school, though, you could find a really high paying internship, which can be a huge bonus.

  1. Look for Work on Campus

If you aren’t finding positions off campus, and you don’t want to drive too far, you may want to think of looking for a position on campus. You could do everything from work in the administrative offices filing and making sure that the computers are updated, to doing janitorial work. If you need to make money, you should not balk at any available openings, because it is all just a means to an end – the “end” is being able to pay your monthly expenses.

  1. Work for Your Parents

If your parents own a small business or have a company, you may be able to see if they need work done. Indeed, they may need social media work or even SEO work. If you are going to Northeastern University, you can still commute to work every day by simply flipping open your computer.

  1. Sell Things You Don’t Need Anymore

On top of everything, you may want to think about selling off items you don’t need any more. For instance, you could sell your old textbooks. You could also think about selling your old electronics and clothes. There are many websites online where you can sell off your old items and make a pretty penny. In the end, you may not be sitting on a goldmine, but you could be sitting on something.