5 Tips to Improve Your Chances to Get Your Loan Approved


Getting a loan from a bank can be challenging, especially if it’s your time. We are living in a time of recession and money is one thing on the planet, which is never enough. Loans can really help our lives, acting as our financial pillar. Millions of people, around the world, use different types of loans, to fulfill everything from their personal needs to their lifelong dreams. It is a great way to help people start up a business, or buy a new home or car, to get into your dream college etc. The best part about the loan is that anyone can Apply for Loans in India and solve his/her financial problems. But sadly financial institutes have created a complex process in order to add security to their services. But don’t get intimidated by the technical words and the process of applying for a loan, as it doesn’t involve any rocket. We have listed few tips, which will potentially increase your chance of getting a loan. So, just sit back and read this article.

5 Tips to Remember While Getting a Loan Approved

  1. Share Detailed Information

While applying for a loan, make sure to list down, all the reasons for why you require a loan. Don’t try to act smart and skimp on the important details. State the exact amount that you require, and the reason for which you want it. Lenders appreciate cooperating applicants, who are precise about their details and always quote the exact details about their financial details and assets. So, make sure to keep a list of all your liabilities and assets prepared beforehand to help the bank, verify your information at the faster pace.

  1. Share and Discuss all Your Financial Information

Make sure to keep your creditworthiness, as transparent as possible in front of your lender. Make sure to talk about any liabilities that are hanging on your head, and be open to suggestions, as your finance provider might suggest a better plan, based on your situation. By displaying your financial position, you will allow the bank to understand your situation, which can also help in increasing or decreasing the time duration of your loan package. By providing a detailed information about your situation, you will gain loan officers confidence, which will definitely help in approving your loan. It is also considered professional on applicant’s part if he/she has a well-maintained record of their business or financial stability.

  1. Research about all Your Options 

Make sure to study the market and the internet to find the best financial institutes near you. Make a list of best five potential finance providers, based on their loan conditions, requirements, interest rate and other schemes. You can apply for the loan at multiple banks, and make the choice based on the bank offering you the best of services. This will also save you time, as it’s unlikely that you get declined from all banks. Don’t rush in opting for a bank, just because it approved your loan. Always make sure to do a thorough study on the schemes and conditions of the loan. Don’t shy away from asking questions, solve and discuss all your confusions with the bank officer before signing the loan agreement.

  1. Know Your Limits

Always understand that these financial institutes work, in a structured order, which will not entertain an applicant with poor credit worthiness, asking for a huge amount. Understand that banks check the repayment capacity of individuals before sanctioning a loan. So, make sure to apply for a reasonable loan amount. You can also review your credit score and stabilize it, in order to get your loan approved. Banks have a certain protocol while approving and sanctioning the loan, which can take more than a few weeks. Always ensure to apply for any form of the loan based on your own financial ability, to make it easier for you to repay the loan. So, make sure to talk with your bank officer if you require the money urgently.

  1. Create a Checklist

Create a list of all the important information and document requirements that you have collected from your research work. See this list as a checklist and insert a tick in front of all the applications that you have collected or submitted to the bank. This will allow you to keep a track of all your original documents, and also help you stay prepared, in case your bank asks you to submit a certain document. Usually, the bank requires your employer certificate, salary check, and other documents to check your financial stability. If you are unable to find these documents, the bank can consider you as a financially unstable applicant, so it’s better for you if you create a separate file for these documents.

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