5 things you need to know about car warranties in the UK


If you are planning to buy a new car, there are different aspects that you will have to know with respect to the car warranties in the UK. Read on to know more about the five things you need to know about car warranties in the UK.

The Coverage of your Warranty

There are different types of warranty covers that cover for different aspects. While the coverage for new cars is more, you will have to ask for the aspects a comprehensive insurance would cover for even if you are buying a used car. Typically, the crucial aspects of a car such as gearbox, engine, suspension etc. will be covered under the warranty and the coverage will be more in case of reliable insurance companies.

The duration of your coverage

While the coverage varies based on the type of insurance you choose, most of the new car policies typically extend for a period of three years and will have a mileage clause to it as well. Hence, it is best recommended that you stick to an insurance that does not cap your mileage in any manner and provide you with warranty for the timeframe as mentioned.

Service locations for warranty

You will also have to check if your warranty allows you to get your car repaired or serviced from anywhere or does it have to be an authorized center for repairing your car? Most of the insurance providers will allow you to get your car repaired from anywhere, provided that they make use of genuine OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts if there is a need to replace anything. To be on the safer side, you will have to ensure that you receive a list of all the parts that were replaced; so that there is no hassle in the car warranty claim process.

If there are no general maintenance activities performed

There might be situations where your engine might seize as a result of not carrying out the periodic general maintenance of your car. There might also be an issue with the coolant levels and other critical aspects of your car that will have to be checked periodically to ensure that your car is well maintained and has no issues. Hence, the insurance will also have a clause mentioning about the timeframe in which you will have to carry out general maintenance activities of the car; failing to do which you might not be eligible for insurance.

Consequential Loss and Other Aspects you should know

In case there are multiple parts in your car being damaged as a result of one part being damaged, it is termed as consequential loss and you will have to ensure that your insurance covers for consequential loss as well.

Apart from the above mentioned aspects, there are various other factors that you will have to consider before buying car assurance in the United Kingdom. Hence, it is best recommended that you read the terms carefully before buying insurance.