5 Reasons Your Hotel Business Needs Commercial Washers

Hotel Business

In a hotel business, thousands of linens and towels are removed from beds, bathrooms, pool areas, or gyms everyday. Laundry is so important, especially when you’re running a hotel. While outsourcing your laundry may seem like the most convenient option, it isn’t always the best.

Need advice handling your dirty laundry? Here are 5 reasons why your hotel business needs commercial washers.

  1. You Have High-Quality Linens

Any good hotel will invest in high-quality linens. When you’re in the hotel industry, the quality of your fabrics plays a large role in satisfying and serving your customers.

Once your laundry is with a third party laundry service, there is little you can do to guarantee your linens are treated and handled accordingly. You also run the risk of getting your laundry mixed up with other batches, which poses a hygienic risk.

If your laundry is in-house, the chances of this happening are almost zero.

  1. It Occupies Less Space Than Expected

You’re probably thinking that a commercial washer takes up a lot of space…but that’s in the past. Today’s commercial washers are compact, high-performing, energy efficient, and durable. What is more, they can be a tremendous asset to your hotel business, if done right.

  1. It Provides An Additional Source Of Revenue

Believe it or not, many hotel guests consider on-premise laundry is a factor when deciding on a place to stay.

Providing your guests with an on-premise laundry helps them travel lighter and free up their luggage, which, considerably, is a win-win for both parties. What is more, providing a coin-operated washer is even better for your guests. Continental Girbaud offers a wide variety of powerful, high-quality coin-operated washers for hotels and other industrial services.

  1. Your Hotel Is Located In A Remote Area

Logistically, it makes a lot more sense to do your laundry within your hotel’s premises. More often than not, commercial laundry service providers will charge you additional costs if you are located far from their shop. Thus, all costs considered, outsourcing your laundry may actually hurt your business in the long run.

  1. Your Hotel Is Already Running At 100% Capacity

If business is going great and you’ve already maxed out your capacity, your laundry could by piling up under your nose. In times like these, having your own commercial washer is a big help. Aside from providing you more flexibility in scheduling and managing your laundry, it also provides a lot of accessibility.

You should be always ready with inventory especially when business is doing well during peak seasons or those days where lots of people decide to take one off.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should have your own commercial washer for your hotel business. Laundry is one of the things that should be prioritized in a hotel business because it’s something that directly impacts your customers’ experience. If you’re thinking about the large costs upfront, these still amount to much less in the long run. You need have that big picture perspective and assess your business’ needs as well as your guests’.