5 Brilliant but Simple Tips Used to Deliver Powerful Business Presentations


Money finance organisations and companies often make use of business presentations to notify their staff about their latest plans and sell products or services to their clients. Presentations are important because they can make or break a deal. Hence, if you are assigned to deliver a business presentation, you need to ensure that you convey your messages clearly. Apart from ensuring the smooth delivery of the message, it is also equally important to do the following:

  • Establish Credibility

And no, we don’t mean talking endlessly about your achievements. Don’t bore your audience by sharing your entire life story. Build your credibility by sharing a story that relates to the presentation topic. Experts suggest sharing the experience that helped you polish your existing skills.

  • Don’t forget to set the goal

To capture the attention of your audience, you should share the goals before you even start the discussion. Most refer to the goals as the meeting or presentation agenda. In some companies, they use presentations to update the staff about company performance. Others use it to convince their customers to make a purchase.

By setting the goals, they can readily understand what you expect them to do after you finish delivering your presentation. In addition, you should stay focused on the goal of your presentation. Don’t stray away!

  • Use props

In the theatre, actors use props to add dimension to their roles and to help the audience enjoy the scene During business presentations, you can also use props to gain the attention of your audience and to promote engagement.

Using props enables you to deliver more effective and concrete messages. The image or experience associated with the props help capture the attention of your prospect.  A few examples of props you can use includes product samples, brochures, and prototype models.

  • Provoke the audience to ask questions

One of the proven ways you can deliver an effective presentation is to provoke the audience to ask questions. You can try asking questions before you shift from one topic to another. It can serve as an icebreaker plus audience engagement. Professionals recommend learning more about your audience, so you can effectively communicate with them.

  • Ensure that the presentation is projected properly

Aside from ensuring the quality of the presentation design and layout of the presentation, you should make sure that the slides or images are clearly projected. Otherwise, the audience may end up seeing blurry images. Not only will this cause inconvenience to them, but also affect how they perceive you as a presenter.

To minimise any projection issues, you should try to use a projector mount. The mount helps you adjust the images easier. Without a projector mount, it may be hard to present data, texts, and infographics. Make sure to choose the correct type of mount for your projector.

It’s not hard to deliver a convincing business presentation if you work on the delivery, ensure proper projection of the presentation, ask interesting questions, use visual aids and props, set goals and establish trust with the customers.