4 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from a Steel Warehouse


If you need extra storage space for your business, you may have started looking at your options. However, when it comes to extra storage options, not many can beat prefabricated steel buildings. If you haven’t considered them yet, here are four ways your business could benefit from a steel warehouse.

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The basic Quonset steel building costs between ten and fifteen dollars per square foot. And, even with additions like roll up doors and windows, a steel building may be far cheaper than a brick and mortar building of the same size.

SteelMaster is one of the top sellers of prefabricated steel Quonset hut buildings for commercial, industrial and residential use. And one reason why is the fact that their steel building kits are pre-punched and pre-drilled, allowing even beginners to put together some of their steel Quonset huts.

For larger buildings and more complex structures, such as those with windows and roll-up doors, you’d want to hire contractors to do the assembly work. And yet, you’ll still save money over the competition since its design for easy assembly means results in low labor costs. You’ll still need to have electrical connections put in by professionals and likely a foundation poured.


Steel buildings are surprisingly secure. When you have the wide open interior of most steel buildings, there are no columns or internal load bearing walls to hide behind. The steel building itself is solid and durable. You won’t find someone able to cut through it and steal material as they could if the product was simply surrounded by a chain link fence.

Nor will the metal walls rot away, providing easy access as could happen when a wooden fence deteriorates. And no one is going to be able to pull a “smash and grab” to steal items unless you’ve installed open glass windows in the steel building. A permanent steel building is certainly more secure than storing items in a trailer left parked on your property that someone could connect to a truck and haul off.


One major benefit of steel buildings is how flexible they can be. One of the reasons is because steel buildings can be built without needing columns inside. Now you use the entire interior for storage space, and you have endless flexibility because there’s nothing to try to work around.


Steel buildings are incredibly strong. Arch designs makes them nearly impervious to high winds and heavy snow loads. The steel itself resists hail damage. And the combination makes the building withstand seismic activity. The only thing it won’t necessarily stand against is a flood, but that issue is based more on the location of the building and drainage around it than the structure itself. If you want to hang heavy items inside the building, a steel building can handle that internal load without collapsing, as well.

Steel buildings are regularly used as storage buildings, but we rarely discuss the many benefits of doing so over other types of structures. Between their durability, low cost, flexibility and resilience, they’re the logical solution.