4 Circumstances When Import of Vehicles from Countries Other Than the US Is Allowed in Canada


People often import vehicles from the US to Canada and there are certified agents like Clearit who help them in getting the customs cleared legally and easily. But, are you aware of the fact that most of the vehicles from countries other than the US are not allowed in Canada? Surprised!!! Don’t worry as many people show the same reaction.

Any vehicle that does not meet the criteria defined in Motor Vehicles Safety Act of Canada is not allowed in the country and the worst part is that the Act does not even allow modifying the vehicle to meet the conditions prescribed in the Act. The Section 17 of the Act has a list of penalties if someone tries to import any such vehicle to the country.

Only in the following few circumstances, vehicles from countries other than the US are allowed:

  1. If the vehicle comes under the regulated class of vehicles specified in the Act and is more than 15 years old. In this category, buses are not allowed. If the vehicle that you want to import is non-regulated then it won’t be specified in the Motor Vehicle safety regulations.
  2. If it is a bus, it needs to be manufactured prior to January 1, 1971.
  3. Those vehicles that are bought new under the manufacturer’s foreign buyer program abroad and meet all the Canadian standards are allowed. In such cases, the importer has to take pre-authorisation with the Transport Canada for the vehicle’s entry to the country. Those vehicles that were originally bought in Canada, but were then taken to some other country can be taken back to Canada if they still comply with the Canadian standards.
  4. If the vehicle meets the US requirements or has returned to the US from some other country, but was originally made and purchased in the US, then too it can be considered for importing to Canada. The importer will, however, need to get it pre-authorised by the Transport Canada and once it arrives in the country the importer will have to meet the requirements of Registrar of Imported Vehicles program.

Canadian rules are very strict when it comes to importing the vehicles and thus you need to be very cautious and informed before trying to take your vehicle to Canada.