3 Things Clothing Businesses Need To Do in 2017


The online fashion retail industry seems to be doing very well. Over the year, many online clothing businesses have increased significantly in value such as the industry power player, ASOS. While the valuation of this company company may seem inflated but they are growing at an exponential rate with the help of a clear revenue stream that is beyond price advantage. While there are  segments of clothing business that are doing extremely well, there are also many clothes business online which are not doing well. The main reason that these clothes business are unable to do well is because they have not been able to shift to fit into the media consumption behaviour of a consumer.

Content as a social currency

Today, consumers are spending a huge part of their life looking at computer and mobile screens, taking in more information than their brain could probably process. The impact of this changing pattern on how consumers discover content is huge in the fashion industry. Therefore, clothes business need to understand that consumers need a source of new fashion idea that interests them to follow and buy from them. Companies such as ASOS are digital driven fashion brands which sells clothing directly at high gross margins and low customer acquisition cost because of social media. This is why clothing businesses around the world need to understand what runs the Internet – which is the content.

In order to be successful in the clothing business, retailers and business owners around the world need to sell an online fashion experience. Having curated content for the clothing business will significantly improve the way that consumers perceive your business. Take a look at the few things that clothing businesses must do in 2017 to see more growth during the year and for the years after.

  1. Communicate visually with your customers

In a physical clothing business, a product display is a critical component that becomes the central point of a customer’s showroom. Many physical clothing businesses spent a lot of money on making products look really good. However, with social commerce, it becomes a unique challenge to present your clothing in a more visual manner. This is why a streamlined process for content production is important. With product photos, you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes and try to perceive how they will view your products.

There are a few tips that you can use to engage with your customers for your clothing business pertaining the visual experience. You need to ensure that the fasteners, materials of the fabric, feel of the fabric and brand tag is made visible in the photos that you take. Let photos communicate as much visual information to your customers for your clothing business. You must be able to convince your customers that your clothing products are up to par in terms of quality and friend.

  1. Improve your product packaging

There are many clothing businesses that invest in attractive product packaging for visitors to increase the perceived value of their product. The effort here is done to compensate for the experience lag as compared to if they were to purchase from a physical clothing business. Many luxurious fashion clothing business do a really good job at innovating on their product packaging.

From the embossed pattern on the paper, to the crisp of the logo and the high quality of fabric accessory, these are the epitome of a good product packaging. In most of these clothing businesses, the packaging is shown on the website. However, when a customer opens a delivery box, the packaging should look a lot better than what it was on the website. Therefore this requires a high standard for product packaging from clothing businesses.

  1. Use attractive product descriptions

Clothing businesses today need to communicate their product value to the customers and tell the brand story behind it. A successful online clothing business already doing that is ModCloth. They are telling a great story with every product that they sell and it brings life to the clothing that they are selling online. Another thing that you have to look out for and a clothing business is avoiding to inflate the perceived value of your product.

Imagine how many customers are going to feel disappointed when the experience of opening up the box from your clothing business does not match up with what you have spoken about across your social medias and website. The amount of repeat orders and average order value will be low and there are many customer complaints and returns because they feel unsatisfied.