3 Key Marketing Tools to Grow an Online Business


Marketing a business can be a daunting task – especially when it’s one solely based online. A store or physical business can utilise their tangible assets in order to drive actual footfall. Moving online means all the traffic has to be driven by clever marketing. However, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. Online businesses can use 3 key tools of marketing communications in order to push traffic to their website.


One of the key facets of marketing is advertising. Advertising is one of the most elusive concepts in marketing. Almost everyone agrees that it works wonders for a business – but nobody has worked out how exactly to harness marketing in a fool-proof way. Some even argue that the rise of digital advertising – with the ability to track conversions and monitor success with a variety of analytical metrics – has made it more difficult through saturation. Online advertising can work to better target those more likely to interact with the product or service offered through the use of social media targeting. For example, Forbes tout FreshDirect as a good example of eye-catching banner design for websites and social media channels that would target their demographic – people who have little free time, but a desire to cook well and eat better.

Sales Promotion

Another key marketing tool to drive online business is through sales promotions. Not only can sales promotions be turned into clickable adverts, but social media can be a clever growth hack that forces people to share with friends in order to benefit themselves. The more people – likely in the same target group – who hear about the promotion, the more likely they are to visit the website. Regardless of whether or not they make a sale, the online business is now on the radar of the consumer, which increases their credibility as a ‘household name’. For example, many iGaming sites utilise promotions and bonuses to get players on board. The casino company slots.io offers 1,000 free spins on its slot games as a warm welcome to gamers, helping it cut through any saturation of its competitors.

Sales Promotion

Source: Pixabay


Managing good PR is a key to any business success, despite the adage ‘all press is good press.’ In the age of social media, many companies turn to ambassadors for their brands as a form of easy and cheap PR. The latest craze involves semi-celebrities from popular TV shows hawking the wares of an online business through their already built channels. The influence of the celebrity helps to drive awareness and builds a favourable image for the brand and for the site. For example, MyProtein utilises the most successful people in the fitness community to be ambassadors for their brand – and even hosts an annual award to find the best fitness blogger to further drive the influencer to market the site.

By utilising the appropriate marketing tools and the right channels, an online business can grow itself and begin to drive useful traffic to its site that will hopefully result in conversions.